7 Social Media Mistakes Drug Rehab Facilities Must Avoid Making

One way in which you might be promoting your drug rehab facility is through social media. In reality, no business that wishes to make any progress can ignore the power of social media, which is why every one of them is seeking to create the best possible social media pages and profiles. Unfortunately, more businesses are getting social media wrong than getting it right.

There is no escaping that social media can be confusing, especially if you are trying to use it as a marketing tool. What you could do is take a shortcut through any confusion you have and hand over all your social media to a digital marketing agency. Indeed, that is when many of the best results from social media occur.

However, if you are determined to get social media marketing correct, the first step should be to eliminate the mistakes that you might be making and which the majority of businesses are also making with social media. Based on advice from the drug rehabilitation professionals at Seasons Bali, we highlight the seven most common social media mistakes, along with details as to why you should avoid them when marketing your drug rehab facility.

Social Media Mistake #1 – Not Replying To Your Audience: We consider this more of a sin than a mistake. Social media is the perfect platform to interact with your audience and build trust so, when they comment, ask a question, or post something interesting, reply to them.

Social Media Mistake #2 – Using The Same Content Type For Every Post: One of the key ways that social media should be used properly is to publish an array of content on different but related subjects and in a multitude of formats including video and images. That is what makes it interesting and your followers keen to see more. Do not waste this opportunity by continually posting just text.

Social Media Mistake #3 – Ignoring Negative Feedback: If ever you receive a negative comment or feedback, provided it’s not abusive, do not ignore it. You will gain far more plaudits and trust from your audience if you address negative feedback openly and honestly. That is especially true if you publicly commit to putting right anything which is attracting that negative feedback.

Social Media Mistake #4 – Not Researching Your Competitors’ Social Media: You can look upon this as research or spying, but whichever word you use, it needs to be done. Here, you are visiting the social media pages of your competitors or other drug rehab facilities which have big audiences, and discovering what they are doing with their social media. This is not so you can blatantly copy their posts, but to trigger thoughts and ideas of your own about how can do likewise.

Social Media Mistake #5 – Not Utilising Content Generated By Your Audience: Social media should not all be one-way where you are the only source of content. You also want to encourage your audience to contribute content and use it. For example, if they send you a photograph of their new life free of drugs, or they are reunited with loved ones now that they are recovering or their new accomplishments in life post-recovery, request permission to publish these good news stories and images on your social media

Social Media Mistake #6 – Trying To Have A Presence On Every Social Media Platform: This is about not spreading yourself too thin. Trying to be on every social media platform is neither effective nor will it promote excellent content. Instead, choose social media sites your target audiences use, and stick to them, even if it is only two or three of them.

Social Media Mistake #7 – Expecting Social Media To Do All Your Online Marketing:  The final mistake is to expect social media to work miracles and send your website all the traffic you could ever want. Unfortunately, as important and necessary as social media is, it cannot be the only way you market your drug rehab facility. Instead, use it as one of several components of your overall digital marketing strategy.