Why Should You Opt For Epoxy Flooring In Your Business?

Industrial and commercial businesses opt for epoxy flooring for its reliability and durability. That’s hardly a surprise. As a business owner, it’s important to prioritize an effective and safe flooring system.

While epoxy flooring offers safety and durability, it comes in various types for more functionality. To crown it all, this flooring provides just as much aesthetically.

Here, we’ll expose the benefits of epoxy flooring from the professionals at iCoat WA and why it has become the go-to flooring for business owners.

But first, before discussing the benefits of epoxy flooring, it’s essential to understand what it means.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Also called resinous flooring, epoxy flooring combines hardeners and resins, creating a chemical reaction. This reaction hardens into a rigid plastic material consisting of foolproof cross-polymer structures.

Professionals lay it over concrete, wood, tile, VCT, or other flooring. After coating the flooring with Epoxy in liquid form, it bonds with the base layer to form a smooth, durable floor.

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7 Social Media Mistakes Drug Rehab Facilities Must Avoid Making

One way in which you might be promoting your drug rehab facility is through social media. In reality, no business that wishes to make any progress can ignore the power of social media, which is why every one of them is seeking to create the best possible social media pages and profiles. Unfortunately, more businesses are getting social media wrong than getting it right.

There is no escaping that social media can be confusing, especially if you are trying to use it as a marketing tool. What you could do is take a shortcut through any confusion you have and hand over all your social media to a digital marketing agency. Indeed, that is when many of the best results from social media occur.

However, if you are determined to get social media marketing correct, the first step should be to eliminate the mistakes that you might be making and which the majority of businesses are also making with social media. Based on advice from the drug rehabilitation professionals at Seasons Bali, we highlight the seven most common social media mistakes, along with details as to why you should avoid them when marketing your drug rehab facility.

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3 Crucial Ways Your Dental Practice Can Benefit From Digital Marketing

Why Starting A Blog Can Boost Your Dental Practice’s Revenue

If you’re a Perth dentist, the idea of writing blog posts may not be something that is uppermost in their minds, however, if they want to enhance their business’s online presence which can ultimately lead to increased patient numbers, then it is something they should consider.

Having a blog does not mean that it is the dentists or even anyone who works at that dental practice who must write the posts. There are thousands of online freelance writers who can create excellently written blog posts regularly, and for a surprisingly small fee.

What the blog posts they write might contain, will relate to dental health and treatments, but that is just the general subject. Individual posts can be written in all sorts of ways, such as the list below.

  • Dental Health Advice
  • Treatment Case Studies
  • Interviews With Patients/Staff/Dentists
  • Opinions On The Latest Treatments
  • ‘How To’ Dental Care Guides
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Industry News
  • Dental Practice News
  • Quizzes
  • Fun Posts/Funny Stories/Quizzes

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7 Benefits To A Business Of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

For a business, there are three choices relating to carpet cleaning. The first is to ignore it and let carpets get dirty, which we hope no business owner reading this would ever contemplate. The second option is to do it using in-house cleaning staff, which might be cheaper but is unlikely to provide you with optimum results. The third option, and the one most recommended, is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company.

That third option is one that undoubtedly provides businesses with the most benefits, and if you want to know what seven of the main benefits are of hiring professional carpet cleaners, then please keep reading as we have them outlined below.

They Provide You With Their Experience And Knowledge

The reason most businesses would be hiring experts of any description to do work for them is that it would allow them to benefit from the knowledge and experience of those doing the work they have been hired for. If you, or any of your current cleaning staff, have not cleaned carpets before, then it stands to reason that hiring experts who have, is the most sensible course of action.

Carpet Cleaning Is Done Using Industry-Grade Cleaning Solutions And Equipment

If you hire professional carpet cleaners instead of amateurs, then you can be certain that the tools, equipment, and other items such as cleaning solutions will be of a standard that allows them to operate as professionals. In other words, rather than you using carpet cleaning solutions from a supermarket or hiring a sub-standard carpet shampooing machine, professionals will not only have the right equipment but will also know how to use it for the best results.

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How To Select The Right Furniture For An Open Plan Office Space

Undoubtedly, commercial furniture can be ordered for buildings, offices, homes, and rooms of all descriptions. That includes everything from the most luxurious offices of the world’s top CEOs to the tiny bedroom where an individual is set up to work from home. What is also certain is that, for office furniture to provide the functionality required, it must be the correct and most appropriate for the room and surroundings it will be located in.

One such scenario is an open office. That is not simply an office where the door is always open, but an office where everyone working there can see each other across the room due to there being no partitions or walls between them. You may even find open offices with more than one company based there and who share the rent for the office.

The advantages of an open office are mainly that it encourages greater communication between colleagues, provides a greater sense of all working as a team towards the same company goals, and is often a great environment for the sharing of ideas and brainstorming sessions. The downsides are that there is little privacy, productivity can suffer, and health can be compromised due to everyone working in the same room without barriers.

On balance, most feedback and discussions about open offices come down in favor of them. So, if you already use an open office plan or are thinking of switching to one, you will need office furniture in there for it to function correctly. As for the guidelines you should follow to determine which office furniture to purchase, here are some points we believe will help you decide.

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4 Highly Effective Online Marketing Strategies For Glass Businesses

One of the most important aspects of any glass business is finding effective ways to generate new leads, hopefully converting them into paying clients. It is the case that no matter how good the sales process and staff are or how excellent the glass products the company offers, they will all be for nothing if your business does not have a consistent and regular flow of new prospects.

With the onset of the internet, many sources for new prospects can be found online, especially by using well-tested and proven digital marketing strategies. According to glass products company clearazglassfencing.com.au, the problem for owners of glass companies is not knowing which of them is the most effective. Well, that problem is about to be removed, as we will outline four of the most effective online strategies every glass business should utilise.

Google My Business (GMB)

If you were to follow no other advice than to ensure that you have claimed and optimised your Google My Business listing, then you will be a step ahead of many of your local competitors. Your GMB listing is unique to your business, and if your SEO is fully optimised, then yours could be displayed at the top of Google’s search results when a relevant search term is entered.

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Why Adding A Blog To A Dental Practice’s Website Is Essential

Does your dental practice have a blog on its website? There will be three possible answers that dentists reading this might give. The first is “Yes”, to which we say excellent, with the caveat that we hope your blog is fully optimised to help improve your Google rankings and thus help to promote your dental practice. If not, then keep reading.

The second possible answer is “No”; if you gave that answer, we would implore you to continue reading. The third answer could be “What is a blog?” as there will be many dentists who do not fully understand or know what a blog is, and again we would ask you to continue reading.

What Is A Blog?

The original term is “Weblog” but, as with many times online, it has been shortened to “Blog”. A blog can be a part of a more extensive website or a standalone website in its own right. You will find content on a blog, usually written, although the best blogs have ranged in many forms, including images, audio, and video.

One of the core principles of good blogs is they should appeal to an identifiable group of people or those interested in a specific subject. As such, the content published there usually relates to that subject or something relevant to the main topic.

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3 SEO Myths You Should Ignore

3 SEO Myths You Should Ignore

Maybe it is because Google’s algorithm is such a closely guarded secret, or that many SEO aficionados, claim to have ‘discovered’ those secrets, but regardless of why, the number of myths that circulate about SEO seems to grow at a steady rate.

For many, this might seem harmless, and if you employ an SEO agency to do the work for you, you need not concern yourself that they are going to be influenced by them. But what if you are doing your own SEO, and are still trying to learn what you should and should not do?

It is understandable that you may have heard some of these myths and believe them. After all, some do seem to make sense. Unfortunately, no matter how logical they seem, if you base your SEO on any of them, it can undo all the good work you may have already done.

To try and ensure that does not happen Tribeca Media have put together 3 of the most common SEO myths circulating, and for which we simply have two words to advise you: Ignore Them!

Social Media Is A Waste Of Time

Of course, there are many aspects of social media that are purely for teenagers to have fun, or for families to send each other funny photos, but that is missing the point.

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Can Your Business Website Have An Impact On Your Bottom Line?

Businesses, with their aim to have a highly effective website design, invest thousands of dollars on their business sites. They use techniques to make their sites effective and user friendly. Some businesses actually ruin the look of their decent sites by addition of distracting features, just for the sake of re-designing. However, to tell you the truth, investing huge chunks of money isn’t all that matters.

You need to be diligent when it comes to your business website. Every single feature you’re changing or keeping on your site has a direct impact on the bottom line of your business. The business website is aimed at benefiting you. Therefore, disturbing the whole design and then re-designing it, is not your target. You need to make sure that no matter what the design of your website is, it must not affect the bottom line of your site.

To maintain the impact of your site on bottom line, you first need to understand how website impacts it. Here’s how your website impact the bottom line of your business.

Makes an Impression in the Corporate Market

Your goal is obviously to maintain your business impression in the market. A business with good reputation is expected to have a strong online reputation as well. This is where your website comes in. If your website seems as updated as your offline reputation, your image will be strong in the eyes of your customers. People prefer analysing your business status by websites.

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How To Pursue A Career As A Digital Marketer

How To Pursue A Career As A Digital Marketer

Whilst we might be somewhat biased, we have no hesitation in saying that choosing to follow a career in digital marketing at Northland Asset Group is one of the best life decisions any individual can make. One of many reasons we say that is quite simple is that being a digital marketer can help others, particularly business owners, fulfil their ambitions to have a profitable and successful business thanks to creating a digital marketing campaign that generates vast ROIs.

Of course, there are many other reasons a digital marketing career is gratifying, but before you can get to that point, you must embark on that career. When considering pursuing any career, getting professional advice from career coaches from places such as Pillentum is a great way to get a head start. This brings us to the first question that many will have: ‘ How do I get started in digital marketing?’.

Starting A Digital Marketing Career

Unlike many other worthwhile professions, digital marketing has more than one route to entry, all of which are valid. Going to college or university to gain marketing and communication qualifications up to and including a degree is the route many follow. From this, they may apply to a marketing agency for a trainee position, which could include an internship. This would provide valuable experience, especially in dealing with clients.

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What Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Effective Signs

What Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Effective Signs

In the daily running of their business, it is understandable that business owners will have many aspects of their business on their minds. Still, a new sign installation is unlikely to be one of them. They may be focussed on recruitment, customer service, balancing their books, and seeking those all-important new customers. Still, as for the sign on the exterior of their business premises, it will barely register a thought.

We say it should, especially if the current signage is old, damaged, barely noticeable, and doing nothing to direct people’s attention towards that business. Whether based on a high street, a retail park, or a business park, signs can play a massive role in helping attract customers and to project a positive image of a business.

Most Effective Sign Types

Several sign types can be manufactured and installed for your business by sign installers, and to help you understand what they are and what might be most suitable for your business, here are the most popular.

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5 Steps For Landscapers To Create Offers That Will Sell

For most landscapers like intreeglandscapes.com.au operating within a local area, it can be a highly competitive business arena as other landscaping businesses compete for those all-important clients. Assuming that you provide excellent customer service and have a team that designs and builds incredible landscaped gardens, even that might not be enough to give you the edge over your competitors.

That begs the question of what you can do to set yourself apart to attract new customers. There are several answers, but one that can have an immediate impact is to create offers that border upon being irresistible. This is something few landscapers consider as they think special offers and discounts are only for high street stores and supermarkets. However, creating landscaping offers can be hugely advantageous for your business.

If you have never considered creating offers or have tried but found it difficult, we will try to help you. Outlined below are five steps you can take to produce offers that could take your landscaping business to new heights like Space Designs and leave your competitors wondering what has hit them.

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Why Looking For Complaints About Your Landscaping Business Is Better Than Waiting For Them

Why Looking For Complaints About Your Landscaping Business Is Better Than Waiting For Them

If any landscapers who offer general landscaping services reading the title of this post think we have gone crazy, then please bear with us and all will be explained. We agree that it seems counterintuitive for any business, including a landscaping business, to actively seek complaints. After all, we are told that in this internet age people research online to see what kind of reviews businesses have and the more positive they are the better.

True, but what we are discussing here is not reviews, but complaints. Obviously, you should not seek negative reviews and should do all you can to prevent them. However, a complaint is different from a review although there is a relationship between them. That relationship is that the better you handle complaints the fewer negative reviews you will get.

As for the complaints themselves, it is preferable to go seeking any which may exist, rather than waiting for them to suddenly land on your desk. Read on, and we will explain why seeking rather than waiting on complaints can be advantageous for your landscaping business.

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3 Crucial Ways Your Dental Practice Can Benefit From Digital Marketing

How Dentists Can Use Email Marketing To Encourage Patient Loyalty And Boost Revenue

Research into digital marketing highlights that email marketing is one of the most used and most successful means of marketing online, and it is a strategy that dentists seeking to expand their business should be using. It may get some negative press due to spam, but email remains one of the best ways to communicate with both existing and potential clients.

Firstly, we are not suggesting that dentists start emailing either their current patients or local prospects randomly and indiscriminately. Apart from the fact that this will never work, it is also the fastest way to have an email account closed down. These are the tactics of spammers and nefarious entities, so avoid this.

Instead, if you want email marketing to create positive outcomes you must approach it strategically, and have it set up properly from the outset. First, you need an autoresponder service that you can use to manage your email marketing. Autoresponder services are what you use to store and manage all your email subscribers, create email campaigns, write your emails in advance, and set the times for those emails to be sent.

Your choice of an autoresponder is important because its reputation can influence the level at which your emails avoid going directly into a subscriber’s spam folder. Some examples of autoresponder services that are popular and reputable include:

  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • Mail Chimp
  • Active Campaign
  • Hubspot
  • Convertkit
  • Constant Contact

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3 Crucial Ways Your Dental Practice Can Benefit From Digital Marketing

3 Crucial Ways Your Dental Practice Can Benefit From Digital Marketing

Whilst your dentist practice aims to treat its patients and promote oral health, the stark truth is that without any form of marketing and promotion, there will be very few new patients to replace those patients who leave or the means to grow your business. While word of mouth can add to your patient numbers, this is rarely enough, especially if other dental practices, aka your local competition, are marketing themselves.

In this internet age, one of the most effective ways to grow a business, including a dentist’s practice, is through digital marketing. Surveys show that over 60% of the population are active Internet users, so if any business, including yours, is not using the Internet to market itself, it has little chance of growing or competing with its competitors.

It is all the more baffling why any dental practice would not use digital marketing because it generates several benefits. Read on, and you will discover three of the most advantageous benefits to help grow your dentist’s business, help it become the most recognised dental practice in your area, and outperform your competition.

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How To Choose The Correct Marketing Company For Your Divorce Lawyers Business

How To Choose The Correct Marketing Company For Your Divorce Lawyers Business

If you own or run a divorce lawyers business you will know the absolute importance of generating new leads and ultimately new clients for that business to thrive. No new clients mean diminishing revenue and that is a scenario that no business can survive in for very long.

Generating new leads can be done in a multitude of ways with the most obvious being marketing your divorce lawyers business. Assuming that you have more than enough to do each day and no wish to do this yourself,  the most likely solution is to employ a marketing company. The next question is, which one?

The correct choice of a marketing company is crucial for not just successful marketing campaigns and the ROI they generate, but also the good-standing of your divorce lawyers business. The last thing you want is for a marketing company to cut corners and follow so-called black hat marketing tactics, which can damage amongst other things, your reputation and your website’s ranking on Google. So, to avoid all that here is a short guide to choosing the correct marketing company.

Step #1 – Determine Your Goals

Before researching any marketing companies, you must first decide what the goals are for your marketing campaign. Marketing can be done for a variety of reasons such as branding, reputation management, and the one we have already mentioned, lead generation. Deciding if it is one of these goals or a combination of them, will enable you to better identify which marketing companies can provide the services you need to achieve your objectives.

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10 Share Investment Mistakes You Must Avoid

10 Share Investment Mistakes You Must Avoid

Anyone who wants to diversify their income sources from just what they earn from running their business has a multitude of options. When you discuss what your options are with financial planners, one option will be investment panning and in particular, buying and selling stocks and shares. Many a fortune has been made from this form of investing, however, it also has to be pointed out that fortunes have also been lost on the stock market.

The reason is not necessarily that stocks and shares are poor investments although induvial shares often are. And, apart from the stock market crashes that happen every few decades, the overall trend of share prices is primarily an upward one. Where fortunes, or more to the point, large personal investments, have been lost is more usually due to an investor making some fundamental share investment mistakes.

If you are thinking of investing in shares we hope you have the good sense to employ the services of a financial planner who can advise on the best investment planning tactics related to shares. Nevertheless, it will do you no harm to know them now and be aware of some of the more common mistakes share investors make, so read on and you will discover ten of them

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10 Things You Must Consider When Choosing A Commercial Lift For Your Business Premises

10 Things You Must Consider When Choosing A Commercial Lift For Your Business Premises

Whether you are a business owner or the owner of business premises, there may come a point when you consider whether it would be advantageous to have a commercial lift installed. In truth, the answer is almost certainly going to be ‘Yes’ given the many benefits that accrue from the fact that those using the building have an easier way of moving from floor to floor.

Once the decision is made, there then comes the process of determining many of the specifics relating to the lift’s installation, including the type of lift, which you would obviously need to discuss with the lift company you choose for the project. To help give you a head start in determining the type of lift, here are 10 key elements of a new commercial lift that need to be addressed and you can do so by considering the following 10 questions.

How Many People Will Be Using The Lift?

There are many reasons that knowing the number of people who will be using the lift is vitally important. This will have bearing on the type of lift, how it is constructed, and looking further ahead, the maintenance required and the longevity of the lift.

Which People Will Be Using The Lift?

Knowing which people will be using the lift helps determine many of the specifics concerning a new lift’s size and travel speed. Is it office workers only? Are potential clients visiting your company going to use it? Will it be open to the general public?

What Is The Building Used For?

Not all commercial lifts are solely for the movement of people from floor to floor. Some businesses will also need a lift for moving equipment or stock. This might mean installing two lifts if the capacity allows for this: one for passengers and the other for goods.

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Questions to Ask a Professional Cleaner Before Hiring Them

Questions to Ask a Professional Cleaner Before Hiring Them

Hiring can be one of your best decisions when planning a big move. It lets you focus on organising the packing rather than cleaning while saving time and energy.

However, given how many cleaning services exist in most towns and cities, it’s not always easy to choose one that suits your needs the best. To narrow down your options, consider asking these questions when the time comes to begin organising a professional cleaner.

  1. How Much Do You Charge and How Do You Charge?

Every cleaner sets different rates and different fee structures, depending on the service they provide. Some charge an hourly rate, inclusive or exclusive of taxes. Others charge a flat rate per home based on its size and level of cleanliness.

You may also find that some cleaning companies offer special deals for pre- and post-move cleans. It’s worth being aware of this information before you hire a cleaner for a one-off job.

  1. Do You Bring Your Own Cleaning Supplies?

When you’re moving house, you may not have all your cleaning supplies and equipment within easy reach. They might already be packed in boxes, or you may have used them all in anticipation of the move.

Always ask whether the cleaning service you hire will bring their own supplies. In most cases, they do. This is because they have preferences for the products they use and know what works best.

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What Landscaping Can Do For Your Business

What Landscaping Can Do For Your Business

You might think that landscaping is something that only homeowners consider, but commercial landscaping for business owners can be a worthwhile consideration, as well. Even if you only tend to concern yourself with the everyday business operations within the interior of your location, it can be worth thinking about what’s happening outside your business, as well.

If you’re on the fence about whether commercial landscaping is right for your company, see if the following benefits appeal to you.

Enhances Your Business’s Curb Appeal

Attractive landscapes are almost always noticed in suburban neighbourhoods, and they can also be noticed in business districts. If your business is well-presented, you may see more people slowing down to take a look. It may just convince someone to find out more about your business, which could lead to a new client in the future.

More Privacy and Security

If you don’t want passersby to be able to stare into your office windows as they walk or drive by, you can look at your landscaping options for privacy and security. Some strategically placed shrubs can be all that’s required to change the outlook of your business and give your employees a little more privacy from the street.

Better Business Image

If you spend time focusing on the aesthetic appeal of your business, you may be surprised at how positively that impacts your business image. Neatly trimmed Buxus hedging, manicured lawns, and picture-perfect flower beds can make your business look like it prides itself on attention to detail and a job well done.

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