4 Highly Effective Online Marketing Strategies For Glass Businesses

One of the most important aspects of any glass business is finding effective ways to generate new leads, hopefully converting them into paying clients. It is the case that no matter how good the sales process and staff are or how excellent the glass products the company offers, they will all be for nothing if your business does not have a consistent and regular flow of new prospects.

With the onset of the internet, many sources for new prospects can be found online, especially by using well-tested and proven digital marketing strategies. According to glass products company clearazglassfencing.com.au, the problem for owners of glass companies is not knowing which of them is the most effective. Well, that problem is about to be removed, as we will outline four of the most effective online strategies every glass business should utilise.

Google My Business (GMB)

If you were to follow no other advice than to ensure that you have claimed and optimised your Google My Business listing, then you will be a step ahead of many of your local competitors. Your GMB listing is unique to your business, and if your SEO is fully optimised, then yours could be displayed at the top of Google’s search results when a relevant search term is entered.

Your GMB listing can also include business details, including contact details, address, and website URL. It can also highlight positive reviews, significantly boosting visitor numbers clicking through to your website.

Local SEO

Many local businesses make a huge mistake with their SEO: they forget they are targeting a local market. Given that shower screens are a physical product that must be installed, we can safely assume that your company serves a local customer base rather than a global one.

As such, you must include local search terms when optimising your website and other SEO ranking factors. By that, we mean optimising for searches that include local place names such as a city, town, or suburb, as that is how people will search on Google. They will enter search terms like “best glass balustrade companies in XXXX”, where “XXXX” is where they live.

Email Marketing

If you ask an experienced and knowledgeable digital marketing expert what their #1 marketing tool is, they will tell you it is email, as will any other marketing expert you ask. Email remains one of the most effective online marketing methods, and it is a marketing channel that can produce a massive ROI.

That is because email marketing can be done for just a few dollars. As you send emails to subscribers threatening helpful information and promotions, you will build their trust in your business and its credibility, so when subscribers are ready to buy a shower screen, it is your company they will choose.

Video Marketing

The best thing to happen to video marketing is the massive increase in internet speeds for domestic and mobile use. That has allowed people to watch videos without any buffering and has opened an incredible online marketing channel for businesses.

The videos created do not have to involve studios and expensive equipment. In fact, with a quality mobile phone camera, you could make lots of great videos that help build awareness, likes, and trust in your brand. They will also allow you to highlight your products and services on huge websites such as YouTube and your website or blog.