3 Crucial Ways Your Dental Practice Can Benefit From Digital Marketing

Why Starting A Blog Can Boost Your Dental Practice’s Revenue

If you’re a Perth dentist, the idea of writing blog posts may not be something that is uppermost in their minds, however, if they want to enhance their business’s online presence which can ultimately lead to increased patient numbers, then it is something they should consider.

Having a blog does not mean that it is the dentists or even anyone who works at that dental practice who must write the posts. There are thousands of online freelance writers who can create excellently written blog posts regularly, and for a surprisingly small fee.

What the blog posts they write might contain, will relate to dental health and treatments, but that is just the general subject. Individual posts can be written in all sorts of ways, such as the list below.

  • Dental Health Advice
  • Treatment Case Studies
  • Interviews With Patients/Staff/Dentists
  • Opinions On The Latest Treatments
  • ‘How To’ Dental Care Guides
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Industry News
  • Dental Practice News
  • Quizzes
  • Fun Posts/Funny Stories/Quizzes

These are just a few types of posts that could be written for a dental practice blog. In addition to written posts, other media could be used such as images, infographics, and videos.

The most obvious question that any dentists reading this might now have is “How will all these blog posts and having a blog benefit my dental practice?”. It is a perfectly valid question and one which has more than one answer.

A Blog Can Help Your Dental Practice’s Website Appear Higher On Google

One of the best ways of attracting new patients to your practice is for them to find your website online. The most common way for that to occur is when someone types in a search term in Google related to local dentistry (e.g. ” local dentists near me”) and for your website to then appear at the top of the search results.

For any website to rank highly on Google several boxes need to be ticked and one is to have useful, relevant content on your website. A well-optimised blog can achieve just that and each post that is published adds further to Google’s algorithm scoring your website’s ranking highly.

A Blog Can Enhance Your Brand And Local Recognition

They say, “out of sight is out of mind” and in the world of business, that means that if no one is aware that your dental practice exists then it has no chance of any new patients signing up. One way to reverse that is with strong and effective branding which a blog can help massively in achieving.

The layout of the blog, the colour scheme, a logo at the top, and excellent content can all enhance your branding, local people’s recognition of your dental practice, and boost its reputation via well-written and informative blog posts.

A Blog Can Help Promote Your Dental Practice

Whilst having a blog is not usually considered a form of advertising, it does play a role in marketing your dental business. Whilst excellent blog posts will help to build your brand and credibility, they can also outline new treatments you are offering, discuss new technology that is being used in your dental practice, and highlight customer testimonials.

These are all more subtle than just blatant advertising messages, however, they do work extremely well, and their success manifests itself in new patients signing up for your dental practice having read something which they enjoyed or which piqued their interest on your blog.