How To Choose The Correct Marketing Company For Your Divorce Lawyers Business

How To Choose The Correct Marketing Company For Your Divorce Lawyers Business

If you own or run a divorce lawyers business you will know the absolute importance of generating new leads and ultimately new clients for that business to thrive. No new clients mean diminishing revenue and that is a scenario that no business can survive in for very long.

Generating new leads can be done in a multitude of ways with the most obvious being marketing your divorce lawyers business. Assuming that you have more than enough to do each day and no wish to do this yourself,  the most likely solution is to employ a marketing company. The next question is, which one?

The correct choice of a marketing company is crucial for not just successful marketing campaigns and the ROI they generate, but also the good-standing of your divorce lawyers business. The last thing you want is for a marketing company to cut corners and follow so-called black hat marketing tactics, which can damage amongst other things, your reputation and your website’s ranking on Google. So, to avoid all that here is a short guide to choosing the correct marketing company.

Step #1 – Determine Your Goals

Before researching any marketing companies, you must first decide what the goals are for your marketing campaign. Marketing can be done for a variety of reasons such as branding, reputation management, and the one we have already mentioned, lead generation. Deciding if it is one of these goals or a combination of them, will enable you to better identify which marketing companies can provide the services you need to achieve your objectives.

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Can A Child Choose Which Parent They Live With

Can A Child Choose Which Parent They Live With?

As part of any divorce where there are children, there will the decision, often made in court following submissions from respective family lawyers on behalf of their clients, as to which parent those children will live with.

In most cases, that is likely to be the mother, although there is never an assumption that it will be, which is not what most people believe to be the case. Most parents are somewhat shocked to discover that the courts do not automatically order that the children live with their mother.

Further to that, even if they do live with their mother, that is not to say that she has custody of the children. So, simply because the children live with her, the mother does not have the right to make all the major decisions relating to the children life and upbringing.

The reason for that is due to the Family Law Act, and the terms in it, which state that, when a couple divorce, they each have shared parental responsibility. That means that both of them must have an input into and agree to decisions relating to important matters of a child’s upbringing such their schooling and their health.

Obviously where the children live is also a major part of their lives, and for young children, the decision is one which is made for them, either by the parents agreeing, or with the court making a parental order.

However, children do not stay young forever, and there may come a time as they grow and mature that they want to live with their father, instead of their mother.

In Australian family law, there is not a stipulated age which a child can make that decision. In other words, the number of candles on a child’s birthday cake, does not determine whether or not they can choose which parent to live with.

This is another aspect of family law that many parents are unaware of, and many assume that when a child reaches a certain age, they can make that decision. Most believe it is 12 years of age, nothing in family law states that.

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