Revamp Your Business Website – The Checklist

As the use of social media and eCommerce prevails, businesses have begun investing a lot of their time and energy in optimizing their online websites with features such as SEO services for maximum sales and visibility. But despite that, they couldn’t drive as much traffic as they wanted to. This is because you need to give your website a facelift and make it according to the requirements of today.

Revamping your website is an attention-oriented task. You need to pay heed to details in order to get all the things on your checklist to be included in the website. But before you proceed, let’s find out the important features that you must have on your checklist while you’re upgrading your site.

Is Your Business Name and Logo Attractive and Memorable?

Many business websites go for highly complicated business names, but it is not a good practice. The name of your business must be simple and understandable. It should make sense and relate to your business activities. Moreover, the business logo must be attractive and memorable at the same time. If you have a logo that appeals to your customers, it may force them to visit your website for once. But if it is memorable too, it will remain in their minds, insisting them to come to you again.

Is Navigation Simple?

In today’s busy lives, customers prefer sites which are simple and easy to navigate, a site where all options are easily accessible with quick browsing. People give up visiting sites which are messy, complex, and slow.

Is Your Web Design Responsive?

This is one of the key factors that you must remember while website revamping. The responsive website is the best way to boost up your number of sales. By making it responsive, you’ll not only draw maximum users to your site but it will also help you save a lot in the long run, since you’ll ultimately need to optimize your site one-by-one for multiple devices. This makes your website perfect for future as the use of smartphones and tablets is immensely increasing with every passing day.

Is It Search Optimized?

Search optimization factor is another important tool to increase your business visibility. This is how a customer will find you. Therefore, make sure it is optimized for search by using titles, videos, pictures and even the content. In fact, content is one of the main criteria to set your website apart from millions on the internet.

Is Your Site Goal-Oriented?

See if your website is goal-oriented or not. It must have its goals set with regard to the number of sales and promotions. You must have a target to aim at. For example, you can have a goal to ensure that approximately 50 visitors must purchase your product. Similarly, set the number of visitors you like to attract to your site.

The process of revamping your website can be a bit overwhelming. But once you’re done upgrading and redesigning, you’ll certainly be surprised by the number of sales you’d have made at the end of the day.