Google Penalization: Is your Business Website Penalized?

If your business website is under penalty by Google, you will never be able to achieve good search engine rankings.

People who do not have much experience online are not familiar with Google penalization and how to avoid it. Google makes lots of changes every year to their algorithms to improve the quality of their search results. As a result of these changes some websites manage to get better rankings while others start losing traffic because their search engine ranking is negatively affected by these changes.

Google Penalties: What’s the Big Deal?

Like it or not, you must admit that you cannot achieve a lot of things without Google. It is no doubt the ruling king of the World Wide Web and is the best source of getting traffic. Getting your website on the top positions improves your odds of achieving success online. Knowing which Google update penalized you makes it a lot easier for you to take corrective action.

Is your Business Website Penalized?

The good news is that Google penalties can be easily tracked and identified.

Google Webmaster Tools

Registering your website with Google webmaster tools will help you understand different Google penalties and how they can affect your website. It is noteworthy to mention here that there are two types of Google penalties and it is critical to know their difference.

Manual Penalty – this can occur because of different reasons and it can affect your website wholly or partially. When your website is manually penalized, you’ll be given an indication of the issues along with a comprehensive list of corrective actions you can take to rectify the issue. Once these changes have been made; reconsideration request can be submitted and you’ll be informed whether the penalty has been removed from the website or not.

Algorithmic Penalty – These penalties cannot be tracked with Webmaster tools and are a result of the changes Google makes continuously to its ranking algorithms. The only way to find out if your website has been penalized by an automatic penalty is to check if your website is under a manual penalty or not. This can be done on webmaster tools under Search traffic/manual actions. If you are shown this message “No manual webspam actions found”, this means your website is not under a manual penalty and may have been hit by an algorithmic penalty.