Deciding How Often To Have Your Commercial Carpets Cleaned

Deciding How Often To Have Your Commercial Carpets Cleaned

If you own or manage a business, a commercial enterprise, or a service organisation, part of your role may include ensuring that the premises you are based in are maintained accordingly. That can cover many tasks and one of those is almost certainly going to be having clean carpets if there are carpeted areas within the building.

One of the decisions you will have to make is how often you want or need your carpets cleaned, especially if you use a professional office carpet cleaning company to do the work each time. The time between professional cleans will vary considerably depending on the type of business, how much foot flow walks on the carpets, the type of carpet, and the material the carpet is made from, will also influence that decision.

If determining the frequency of how often you get your carpets cleaned has been something you have been wrestling with, then we are going to try to give you some pointers as to how you can decide on the most appropriate schedule.

The first thing we wish to touch on is the understanding that it is impossible to lay out an exact template that is going to be suitable for every single type of business or organisation. For a start there will be a wide range of budgets available and those with smaller budgets might be limited to deciding based purely on how often they can afford professional carpet cleaning to occur.

What we would say to those in that position is you can help keep the need for professional carpet cleaning to a minimum by ensuring you follow the basic criteria for cleaning and caring for your carpets on a day to day basis. This includes vacuuming them frequently and ensuring that any stains or spillages are dealt with immediately.

The next criteria we would look at is what type of business, or more specifically, to what use is the building the carpets are in, put to. For example, in an office building, with a carpeted entrance area, that carpet is going to take some punishment as the hundreds or even thousands of employees and visitors walk across it, often with wet, or muddy footwear.

Compare that to an executive office that only sees a handful of people walk across the carpet on any given day, or a conference room, which might go for days on end with not a single person walking across the carpet.

This points to the fact that even within the same business there will be rooms and area within the premises where the carpets take more punishment, and obviously need more cleaning than others. One way to determine the frequency of cleaning is to have those busier areas cleaned twice or three times as often as those which are quieter but coordinate these, so the cleaning takes place on the same dates.

As for how many times a year each carpet should be professionally cleaned, it is not an exact science, but here are some suggestions. For those areas with heavy use, it should be at least 4 times a year, rising to as many as 12 times in really well-used areas such as entrance areas. For medium use carpets, you are looking at between 2 and 4 times a year, and for carpets whose use is light, it can be once or twice a year.