5 Essential Questions To Answer When Planning To Relocate Your Business

When the day comes for an office relocation to physically happen, and the removalists are loading up their vans to take a business to its new location, there will have been many prior steps that have taken place. Obviously, some of these will include packing everything safely, and advising other business associates, however, there are some elements of which require greater thought.

The one which looms largest is determining whether in fact relocating your business is the correct thing to do and whether it will help the business thrive or simply be an expensive and nonbeneficial exercise in merely changing its address. In order to make the correct choice, and to ensure an office relocation does indeed benefit your business here are 5 key questions you must answer as part of the decision-making process.

Is It Possible To Keep Disruption To Your Business To A Minimum During The Relocation?

Whilst any office or business relocation is going to cause some level of disruption, you do not want it to reach a level that causes some serious issues, not just for you, but also for your staff and your customers. Effective ways in which you can help minimise disruption are to plan everything well in advance, get your staff to contribute to that planning, and only employ professional removalists and even interstate removalists to carry out the relocation.

Will The New Office Location Be Better For Clients And Staff?

Whilst the decision to move your offices may have already been taken, when it comes to choosing the specific location, there are many things to consider. Near the top of that list should be whether any of the locations under consideration make it more or less convenient for employees, suppliers, and most importantly potential and existing clients to travel to. You should consider road networks, public transport, parking, and access, in answering this question.

Has The Layout For Your New Offices Been Planned Properly?

Before any relocation takes place it is essential that you make plans for how and where all the equipment and furniture that you are taking with you is going to be located within your new offices. This will not only  make the moving day run more smoothly as everyone will know where everything should go when it arrives, but it also gives you an opportunity to expand or reduce department sizes, and even carry out a degree of reorganisation within your business.

Do Your New Premises Allow For The Long-Term Growth Of Your Business?

When an office relocation takes place,  unless it is for negative reasons, it should be seen by all as a sign that the business is heading in a positive trajectory. Assuming you expect your business to continue to grow, one consideration might be to move to business premises which are larger than what you currently need. This will negate the upheaval of a further relocation of the business if it continues to grow and require more space, as you will already have this available.

Do Your New Business Premises Reflect Your Company In The Most Positive Way?

Whilst some businesses operate in a niche or in a way that they do not require significant branding or reputation management, there are some which do, especially those which are client or customer-facing. If your business falls into the latter category you will want to ensure that any new offices or business premises reflect the high reputation that your company seeks, especially for those parts of the building clients see, such as the main reception area.