Successful Office Relocation

5 Steps to a Successful Office Relocation

Most people do not like the upheaval and the planning needed for office relocations, even if the new location will be better for the business. It is a known fact that moving your office can be stressful and full of anxiety. But then again, moving to a new office can be done efficiently if certain steps are followed as you can see below.

Planning Is Everything

Once you’ve decided where you are going to relocate to, you need to have a robust plan in place. This needs to include everything from arranging internet service in your new offices, to who is going to look after and water the plants during the move.

Believe it or not it is normally the smallest of details that get forgotten about that cause the most grief during an office location. Just imagine the consternation when you arrive, start unpacking, and realise the office kettle has been left behind!

Communicate With All Relevant Parties

Office relocations are more successful if everyone it affects is aware of what is happening, and the only way that can happen is with great communication. Once you’ve assessed your needs and confirmed the relocation date, the next step is to alert anyone who should know, all the details.

More importantly, ask for their feedback and input with regards to how they can help make the disruption as minimal as possible, both for themselves, and for you and your team.

Arranging The Logistics

Next major step is to prepare the logistics of your office relocation, and obviously that will mean choosing and hiring a professional office relocation company. You’ll need to liaise with them so that the whole procedure from the very first box which is packed, to what you are going to do with the empty, unpacked boxes at the other end, goes like clockwork.

Create an inventory of your existing equipment and office furniture and if the budget allows, use this opportunity to replace anything which is out of date or damaged. Points such as cleaning services being booked, allocating parking spaces at the new premises, and obtaining a key for the elevators all need to be covered.

On Your Moving Day

Your office relocation day is likely to be filled with a considerable amount of anxiety, but if you have planned it correctly, and ensured everyone knows what the plan is, it should go smoothly. This is especially the case if the relocation company you have hired is reputable.

One of best tips we can give you is to try not to do too much yourself. By all means oversee everything and be the main focus just like the quarterback in an American football team, however, if you know anything about that sport, quarterbacks do not do everything themselves. Just let the office relocation company get on with their job, as they will know the quickest and most efficient way to pack everything.

Where You Should Be

Following on from the previous section about you ‘staying out the way’ we would go a step further and say that you are better off basing yourself at your new office than the old one. At the old one, everything is packed and ready to go, so there isn’t really anything to be gained being there.

It would help a lot more if you are at the new office, ensuring that everything is placed in the correct room or location and can be available to follow up on important issues like no phone lines or internet, or you have run out of coffee!