5 Indications That It Is Time To Look For A New Web Hosting Service

5 Indications That It Is Time To Look For A New Web Hosting Service

Loyalty to anything or anyone is a desirable trait, but in the world of business, whilst it has its place in many scenarios, it can only go so far. That is certainly the case when it comes to your web hosting provider, which might have given you and your website many years of excellent service but may  have recently dropped the ball as it were.

If there are a number of red flags being raised with regards to your website, and if the finger of blame can be pointed towards your web hosting provider, then the chances are that it might be time to consider moving to Slinky Web Hosting. If you are unsure what evidence to look for or what symptoms your website might be experiencing that indicate there are serious issues, here are the main ones and which tell you the time to move on is upon you.

Your Website’s Load Speed Becomes  Increasingly Slower

The fact that website load speed influences so many aspects of your website’s performance, and any slowing of that load speed, especially if it persists, is a serious cause for concern. Unless you can identify anything you have added to your website as being the cause of this slowing,  it is likely an issue with your hosting service. One reason could be them adding websites to the same shared server, and not expanding its capacity to allow for additional bandwidth being needed.

Your Website Is Offline More Than The Host’s Guarantee

Your website is of no use to you, your visitors, or your customers if it is not online. Apart from the frustration felt by all, the damage to your business’s reputation, its revenue, and critically, your website’s Google ranking, are all too high a price to pay for staying loyal to a web hosting provider who is letting you down. This issue can occur when a web host’s servers are unable to cope with demand, which can result from the fact they have not been updated or maintained properly.

Your Web Hosting Company Is Raising Their Hosting Fees By Unreasonable Amounts

 Every business has the right to increase its prices or its fees occasionally, provided that it does so by a reasonable amount and can justify the reasons for those increases. If your hosting company not only publishes new prices which include ridiculously high increases but also gives you no justification whatsoever for them, it is time to consider whether you wish to remain with them, and as such, time to start looking for a web hosting company that offers better value for money.

Your Web Hosting Service Cannot Support Your Website’s Expansion

We are hopefully correct in assuming that you want your business to be successful, grow in size, and in doing so generate increasing profits. If your online activities form part of that plan then as time progresses your website will expand in many ways, with one of the most significant being greater numbers of visitors. If your current hosting company has no means of you being able to increase bandwidth to accommodate this increased traffic, find a hosting service that can.

Customer Service And Support Provided By Your Current Hosting Company Is Inadequate

One aspect of customer and technical support, particularly with regards to hosting, is that you actually hope that you never need it as this means your website is functioning and performing as it should be. However, when you do need help, you want it offered fully and quickly.  If your experience with your current hosting provider’s customer support is one of delay, excuses, and in the worst cases, indifference, then they do not deserve you as their customer.