Copyright Explained – What’s The Fair Use Rule?

Copyright violation has been a much debated topic and also it has been under spotlight, what does and does not fall under the category of copyright violation. Many a times content is used without authorization in the name of fair use. But is that fair use or unauthorized use? There’s a difference between the two which needs to be kept in mind to avoid any mishaps.


Defining in literal terms, copyright is the safeguarding right of the creator of intellectual property to authorize its use by whoever he/she allows. The country’s laws regulate policies of copyright protection and are aimed at promoting original work of art or writing or any other form of creativity. The creator of the work is granted exclusive right for the distribution of the work. The intellectual property is safeguarded this way so that anyone does not copy it without explicit permission from the creator of the original work. For copyright, the work has to be fixated somewhere, which means it has to be written on paper, recorded, saved on computer etc.

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