Latest Trends in Web Design

“Web design is a magnet that attracts customers to your business website. It is the strongest tool in strengthening customer- seller relationship”

With the increased use of internet and social media, businesses today have begun publishing and promoting their ideas on internet. This is because majority of the people use online means to make purchases. Thus, businesses have started to focus on improving the quality of their websites.

For better website, businesses must know which track to follow for their website’s improvement because only by following the right and recent way, you can reach your desired results.

Here’re some of the latest trends in website design:

Adopting Split Screen Technique

The split screen strategy is the one in which you divide the screen to present two or more features of your business.  It is quite effective if you want to propose two or more ideas of equal importance and wants the user to select from them. Not just this, you can describe the features of your product on one side of the screen while presenting photos on the other, for user feasibility.

This strategy is one of the best approaches for providing good user-interface as it is easier to compare the two products on cell phone screens as well.

Avoiding the Use of Chrome

As chrome contains various features on the page such as headers, footers, borders and other similar options that occupies the page, the website designers began to think that these features are a source of distraction for users. Thus, another technique is to avoid the use of chrome and come up with a website free form borders, containers, headers and footers. This way the whole attention of a user is focused on the brand/ service of your business.

Single Screen Layout Has a Strong Impact

Alongside split screens, the trend of single screen design has also emerged in the recent years for your business website. This feature looks so enticing and fascinating that it ultimately attracts the user to scroll to a new page, if the image used is interesting and captivating. To implement this trend, use a chrome-free design.

Using Block Grids

The use of block grids is another powerful trend to capture user’s attention.  These block sizes may vary depending on the order of importance of your services. You may adjust these blocks on various pages of your site. This is quite impactful for mobile and compact devices. Moreover, use of blocks will help you present multiple items on the same page, making it easier for user to choose from.

Big Backgrounds for Bigger Impact

Another influential trend for website design is the use of big backgrounds. It does not only help in setting the mood and tone of your site but it also displays the idea of your site in just a glance. With backgrounds which are too distracting, the actual idea often gets blur. However, with a one tone background, you can immediately communicate your purpose.

Above trends are the latest trends of the year 2014 and 2015. And, business website designers are readily following these trends to achieve their targets of maximum sales and effective promotion.