Legal Issues to Consider When Designing a Logo for Your Business

With the explosion of business web pages and businesses dominating the internet, the need to address the growing number of issues related to logo designing, trademarks, patents and copyright laws infringement, is at an all time high. The advancement in the digital arena has given rise to more innovative ways of infringement being employed by those with malicious intent, or those who profit by exploiting policies of established businesses. This has necessitated increased consideration of potential legal issues and having holistic policies in place.

At this point in time, you need to have strong evidence to provide your association to the brand and logo. Without proof that is admissible legally, consider yourself handicapped. Logo designing is one such process, and  there are certain legal issues you must consider when going about it.

Copyright Issues

This is the first issue that business owners face. Without having copyrights to their own logo, they cannot legally claim infringement if a third party is using their logo as their own. Copyrights will ensure you that your business entity is secured and its identity cannot be infringed upon by anyone.

Ownership Issues

By having the ownership of your logo, the business can easily use it for marketing and promotional purposes. You, being the owner of your company, are not liable to anyone concerning the use of your logo. Moreover, you may re-design it without the fear of getting in trouble since it is legally your property. Register the logo as your own immediately!

Logo Designing – Ransom Policies

Whether you are designing your logo or getting it designed by someone else, make sure to keep in mind the legalities involved. The designer doesn’t have the authority to use or promote the logo for their gain once ownership rights have been passed on to the client and the transactions complete.

Moreover, some designers who are new to this field charge high ransom for their work. After you get settled with the amount, make sure to clear every single detail regarding the ownership of logo. Some dishonest and amateur designers later claim royalty on platforms where your logo is being used. So while getting it designed from someone outside your business, be smart and get all things settled before you face some serious damage.

Offensive Logo Design

While setting specifications for the design of your company’s logo, pay attention to all the details, such as the colors, words, symbols and fonts. Ensure that these characteristics are not offensive in any way to other company’s products and brands. Furthermore, check if symbols and other characters depict meanings other than intended.

Logos are the identification of your business, and there must be no negligence involved either at your end or the designer’s.

Logo designing laws and legal formalities is such a sensitive aspect of business that one misstep may mean significant damage to your business. It’s therefore in the best interest of your business to be on the lookout for misuse of your logo and have legal protection against any such acts.