Social Media for Business – Some Legal Issues Faced By Employees

The extensive use of social media today, by almost all businesses and organizations, has introduced several challenges along with ease. It has become the best source of customer interaction, sales and internet marketing and the most essential tool for business’s expansion globally. However, with the prevailing use of this media, there are certain challenges that are faced by employees of a company, other than the company itself.

As everything comes at a price, the use of social media also involves multiple risks. Its increased use has blurred the line between private and personal space. Similarly, the excessive use of social media by employees at workplaces causes problems for employers. This resulted in certain limitation and issues for employees.

Here’re some of the legal issues faced by employees due to the use of social media.

Termination of Employees

The increased use of social media by employees at workplace can lead to termination of an employee, according to Fair Work Australia (FWA). This is because the excess use of these sites doesn’t only affect the work performance of an employee but also poses threat to company’s development.

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