Social Media for Business – Some Legal Issues Faced By Employees

The extensive use of social media today, by almost all businesses and organizations, has introduced several challenges along with ease. It has become the best source of customer interaction, sales and internet marketing and the most essential tool for business’s expansion globally. However, with the prevailing use of this media, there are certain challenges that are faced by employees of a company, other than the company itself.

As everything comes at a price, the use of social media also involves multiple risks. Its increased use has blurred the line between private and personal space. Similarly, the excessive use of social media by employees at workplaces causes problems for employers. This resulted in certain limitation and issues for employees.

Here’re some of the legal issues faced by employees due to the use of social media.

Termination of Employees

The increased use of social media by employees at workplace can lead to termination of an employee, according to Fair Work Australia (FWA). This is because the excess use of these sites doesn’t only affect the work performance of an employee but also poses threat to company’s development.

Warning for Misconduct on Public Sites

While using social media, the employees often fail to determine the line separating personal space and privacy, insulting their higher authorities on public forum. This leads to an immediate call by an employer where they are insulted and get warning for this serious misconduct.

Revealing Inside Information of Employees

The amplified use of this media has made it easier for employers to learn more about their employee’s life and activities. If an employee doesn’t want to share any of his personal information which could also affect his/her business life, he/she would like to keep it confidential. But if that employee is a social media lover, he’ll definitely posts comments regarding his personal life on social networking sites. This can reach the authorities and may become an obstruction in an employee’s promotion.

Derogatory Comments Causing Problems for Businesses

Employees often post disparaging comments about a third party’s products or services. Moreover, they update posts along with content that causes copyright infringement of a third party. This leads to legal problems not only for the employee but for the whole business. The employee will be terminated as well as humiliated by higher authorities.

Higher the Designation, Higher the Responsibility

Those employees who are at a reputable position in a company needs to be more cautious when dealing with business affairs. This is because they have all valuable information on same system which is being used for other business transactions and interactions. Therefore, one small mistake by an employee can result in leakage of confidential information all over social media. Any loss of information to the third party can result in the termination of even the most trusted employee.

Thus, an employee has to face many threatening consequences based on their actions on social media. Thus, every employee must keep in mind the outcome of every comment and post on this giant media.