Trademark Infringement and Social Media

While the nigh countless advantages and benefits of social media for business success cannot be denied, companies today face many challenges in the playing field as well. These challenges originate both within and outside the company, making it quite complicated for the relevant authorities to deal with them. The growth and increased use of social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc has not only made the interaction between the user and company easier but has also brought with them a number of risks.

Organizations aim at streamlining communication between the consumer and seller. But having their trademarks infringed by consumers or even their own employees on social media would be utterly devastating and lead to hiring lawyers and expensive court cases.

As Daniel J. Boorstin said,

“An image… is not simply a trademark, a design, a slogan or an easily remembered picture. It is a studiously crafted personality profile of an individual, institution, corporation, product or service”.

A company for example, needs to bear in mind the two most important aspects with respect to social media’s infringement on trademark. Firstly, the different ways your trademarks can potentially be infringed by others. Secondly, how your social media actions may unintentionally result in a breach of some other company’s trademark rights.

Protection against Trademark Infringement on Social Media

Launching your company over social media involves risks but with a sure promise of long term success, if done correctly. This is because billions of people across the globe use social media these days to express their ideas, shop, share their problems, and for entertainment purposes. So if a company is going to start its business over this form of online media, it must have some policies and rules in order to control what is being posted and conveyed through their presence on the platform in question. The organization must keep in mind that once something is out there on social media, it is like a shot bullet which is never going to come back.

Companies need to keep a close check on the activities of its competitors

To ensure their trademark is not being infringed upon, companies must keep a close watch on its competitor’s activities. This can be ensured by having security teams. Moreover, businesses whose profit depends majorly on social media must keep record of policies and rules placed by its competitors and other companies for trademark protection. This will help the company formulate their own trademark infringement policy.

Going through the take down procedure in case of trademark infringement Trademark infringement is a cyber crime. If this happens, the company may follow the take down procedure mapped in order to protect your privacy and reputation. However, if there is an unknown source sabotaging your trademark, you’ll need to make efforts to determine who is behind the threat.

You can’t just set up your social media pages and update the a few times a week; time and effort will need to be invested on a regular basis to ensure your presence on social media is protected at all times and there’s no threat to your business identity. If you are negligent at your end, you’re surely going to be the target of this infringement. So if you’re doing business online, commit to achieving your goal and achieving it right.