Can a Visually Attractive Website Help Attract Traffic?

Ever wondered how colours affect your mood? Both, in physical and the virtual world, colours, ambience, graphics and design are greatly appealing to the human mind and are one of the major reasons why many venues prosper in terms of customer engagement and likelihood. Aesthetically appealing web design have the power to attract customers and that might lead to successful generation of desired traffic and increased click through rates.

A website is usually the customer’s first interaction with the brand/company in today’s fast paced technological era. It defines not only the quality of design but also how much attention is paid to the details and how much effort is pooled in to engage site visitors. The look of the website says a lot about the company, the brands or its overall business.

Often dull shades are not very appealing, very loud mismatched fonts; unnecessary blank space and other faults in web design are noticed and definitely not garner a positive response. Easily remembered sites and those where the visitor would at least stay to read the information or view files have to be attractive.

Website design has a great impact on attracting website traffic, even if the content is of high quality, being embedded in wrong design would result in it losing all its charm.

1.     Colours

Colours have a strong visual appeal and the shades and contrasts say a lot about the business itself. A website on visual arts would not be designed in the similar way an investment bank’s website would be designed. Alsop, the colours used on the website need to be in cohesion with the brand logo and image. Unrelated colours refer to poor planning of website design and are usually mismatched to the content.

2.     Graphics

Graphics play a strong role in deciding whether or not the website would be a success in terms of traffic generation. Choice of pictures and other graphic content speaks volumes about the taste of website owner, and it also gives visual impact of what the website and its content is all about. Imagery plays a vital role in building the image of your company and (or) brand.

3.     Space

Adequate space left for designing reasons need to be carefully planned. Too much of blank space makes a void and the website content looks incomplete. Similarly, not providing much needed space in the design makes it look crumbled and puts off many of the website visitors.

4.      Clarity

Clarity of information as well as the content is an absolute necessity. Apart from creating high quality web content, it is important to make sure it is easily readable on the website and gives the message exactly as it is supposed to give. The quality of graphics also has to be a good one as a low quality imagery gives away wrong signals about the brand as not of the value it portrays to be of.

5.     Font Size

The font size, colour and style are usually ignored but this is something to watch out for if attracting traffic is on one’s mind. According to the nature of content, the font styles and size has to be used to make it look professional and well thought of.