Web Design Infographics On IMGUR

Our Favorite Web Design Infographics On IMGUR

We’re very, very grateful for Imgur.com. We can remember when Flickr was the main image-host on the web. Flickr was so slow it was like they’d be better off printing the pictures out and mailing them to you. If you’re looking for image hosting on the web, Imgur is the new Flickr. That being said, here’s a little break time fun where we share some interesting web design posts in Imgur.

  • HTML5 vs Flash – Humorously presenting the “never-ending argument” – actually, it’s just that we’re in a transitional period. Flash is losing ground to HTML5 daily. Good statistics to know anyway.

  • Dropbox’s charming 404 page – While we’re at it, does your site have a custom 404 page? They’re always fun, and useful to bounce misguided hits back to your site’s front page.

  • Fifty Shades of White – It’s a color analysis of top web design trends. Hint: If it isn’t white, it isn’t right. Although that makes sense for a major portal site like Google or Facebook, not so definite for a cooking blog or an artist’s portfolio. And yes, the title is a pun on the weird novel series everybody out there praises and nobody reads.
  • A screenshot of W3C validation errors for microsoft.com – There, now you don’t feel so bad about your own site’s errors? This goes to show, W3C validation just went the way of the dinosaur years ago. They don’t seem to get designing for the modern, mobile web. PS Google.com doesn’t get off scot-free either.
  • Top browsers by country in 2013 – Who could have guessed it would come to this? Although it looks like Chrome is curb-stomping Firefox, Russia is just a bigger country. It’s basically a 3-way tie.
  • A pie chart showing purchases from Windows, Linux, and Mac users. – Now, the point is that the chart degrades to gray-scale for the color-blind. But what we’d like to point out is that is your site only caters to Windows, you’re missing out on about 25% of your potential sales!